Troubleshooting: Image Preparation Issues

Document ID: KVZ100001 / Created on: Jan 16, 2011/ Updated on: Jan 16, 2011

These are some ways to identify and fix issues during the image preparation process.

Troubleshooting Kaviza Desktop Agent Installation Issues

Here are some general troubleshooting tips.
- Check for pre-requisites (Refer to the checklist on the UI)
- Check if Windows firewall has been enabled. It needs to be GREEN
- Check the event viewer for issues
- Logs can be generated from with the desktop for additional debugging. You can download the log by connecting to the desktop and downloading it from within this location.

http://your kmgr address/dt/getdtagentlogs.exe

Troubleshooting BROKEN Image Issues

- The status tracker should provide details on why the image went BROKEN

- Log into the VM console from the host and see where it is getting stuck

- Check at what stage of the image life cycle the image went BROKEN

. If the last state was Starting VM, then it could be because the hypervisor password changed.
. If the last state was Waiting for network, something could be wrong with the network. adapter settings. Check if it is getting an IP address.Try uninstalling and installing the hypervisor tools (VMWare tool or XenCenter tool as the case may be).
. If the last state was Waiting for protocol, there might be some group policy or firewall issues blocking the remote connections. Check if remote connections has been enabled.

- Check if the domain controller password has changed that might be causing the test image to get BROKEN.

- Check if you have entered the proper Micorsoft license Key to sysprep the image.

- Check if you have entered an administrator account with permission to both add and remove computers from the domain.