Troubleshooting Desktop Connectivity and Performance Issues

Document ID: KVZ100001 / Created on: Jan 16, 2011/ Updated on: Jan 16, 2011

These are some ways to identify and fix general desktop connectivity and performance issues.

Troubleshooting Desktop Connectivity issues

- Can you ping the kMGR server from the client end point and telnet to the ICA port (1494 by default)

- Are there any routers, firewalls, or proxy servers used between the client end point and the kMGR servers?

- Can you connect using RDP?

- Use netstat to check that the server is listening on connection ports: 1494 by default for ICA

Troubleshooting Desktop Performance issues

- Bring up taskmgr from within the desktop and check if there any CPU intensive services running.
- Check if you have any anti-virus scans running when the user logs in. Follow AV best practice documents to set this up.
- Check for disk IO.
- Check if it is consistenly slow for one user or across the board.
- Check if loading of user profiles is taking a long time.