Troubleshooting: Windows 7 Activation Issues

Document ID: KVZ100003 / Created on: Jan 18, 2011/ Updated on: Jan 19, 2011

Here are some quick tips to troubleshoot Windows 7 activation issues.

Please note: The Kaviza desktops follow the activation mechanism enforced on the underlying image for activation. Follow the Microsoft recommended process for setting up the activation mechanism on the base image.

Your troubleshooting will depend on whether you are using MAK or KMS mechanism for activation.

- For MAK activations, the individual desktops needs to be connected to the internet or the proxy server for activation. Check if you are able to connect to the internet or able to connect to the proxy server from within the desktop.

- Depending on your MAK license, check if you are still within the MAK activiation limits. Each desktop generated by the system when activated will use up this count. Exhaustion of this count could lead to activation issues.

- For KMS, check if you are able to reach (ping) the KMS host from within the desktop.

- Another way to narrow this further would be to bring a Windows 7 VM outside Kaviza and carry out the activation process outside Kaviza to see if it is working properly.

Also see KVZ100018 for details.