Troubleshooting: Broken Desktop Issues

Document ID: KVZ100004 / Created on: Feb 3, 2011/ Updated on: Feb 3, 2011

Here are some quick tips to troubleshoot Broken Desktop issues.

Here are some possible reasons why a desktop can go BROKEN. In some cases, you may need to fix the underlying image to address this problem.

  • Your DNS server is down and is unable to resolve the addresses of the servers in your grid. Check if the DNS server is up by pinging it.
  • You do not have sufficient disk space on the datastore to provision desktops. Check your hypervisor datastore to see if you have sufficient disk space to provision desktops.
  • If the hypervisor password was changed from outside Kaviza and these changes are not yet registered in kMGR. You can fix this by doing the following: Clear all the 'Broken' desktops and then reconfiguring Kaviza with the new hypervisor password. Click here for the specifics on how to change the hypervisor password.
  • If the password of the domain account used to prepare the published image was changed from outside Kaviza and these changes are not yet reflected in the prepared image. You can fix the prepared image by taking it through the 'draft image' cycle and re-syprepping the image with new password.
  • For ESX Users: Deleting a desktop instance provisioned from a Kaviza template can result in deleting the base image along with it. We recommend that you avoid such operations from outside Kaviza. Unfortunately, this is an unrecoverable operation. You would have to build your image once again.
  • Taking snapshots of the 'draft' or 'test' images from outside Kaviza, would render the published image in an unusable state. This may lead to desktops in a BROKEN state.

Clicking on the 'Broken' link from the Desktop-> Summary tab, provides information on the 'Last Known' status of the desktop before it went broken. The 'Last Known' status helps narrow the possible reasons why a desktop could have gone broken. Here is a summary.

Last Known Status Possible Reasons Resolution
STARTUP kMGR cannot communicate to the hypervisor Follow instructions to fix the hypervisor password in Kaviza
STARTINGIP Waiting for the network to provide an IP address for the desktop or unable to join the desktop to the domain (a) Verify whether you have sufficient DHCP address or open the VM console from the host to see if there is any messages there (b)Follow instructions to fix the domain account password in Kaviza
STARTINGCONN There could be an issue with firewall settings. For some reason it is not allowing RDP connections to pass through. Take the image through the 'Draft' image process to fix the RDP connection settings on the image. Once you have generated the 'Draft' image, you would have to use the VM console from the host to fix this. Once you fix this, the desktop image will get to a RUNNING state