Kvz100030 - Kaviza client shows only username field

Troubleshooting: Kaviza client shows only username field

Document ID: KVZ100030/ Created on: Feb 28, 2011/ Updated on: Mar 22, 2011


When you login via the Kaviza Java Client, you are seeing only the User name entry. The Kaviza Java client is not showing the entry for Password.


This could happen when:

  1. Your grid has a RDP license.
  2. You are working in Workgroup mode using Kaviza local database for authentication.
  3. The end point does not have the Citrix Online Plug-in installed.
  4. The system cannot find the required Citrix Online Plug-in executables.
  5. Your Java network settings is using a proxy server
  6. A firewall might be blocking SSL port (443)


  1. If you do not have the Plug-in installed, download and install the free Citrix Online Plug-in from the Citrix website. It can be downloaded from the following location: http://hdx.citrix.com
  2. Ensure that the required executable can be reached by setting the PATH variable to point to the location where the Citrix Online Plug-in can be found.

- On Linux, set the ICAROOT environment variable with the absolute path to the directory containing the wfica library.
- On Windows: The executable required is wfcrun32.exe. The default location is C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICAClient.

  1. To Verify your Java Proxy Settings follow the instructions below.

- Open a command window
- Launch the Java viewer by typing the command javaws -viewer
- From the Java Control Panel, under the General Tab, click the Network Settings button to modify the settings
- Select the 'Direct connection' option and click OK to confirm the changes