Kvz100032 - Image stops loading at 99%

Troubleshooting: Image stops loading at 99%

Document ID: KVZ100032/ Created on: Apr 19, 2011/ Updated on: Apr 19, 2011


When you are attempting to import a VM into Kaviza, or create a draft image, it appears to stop loading at 99% completion.


This could happen when:

  1. Windows License: If you have entered an incorrect license key into the image, it may fail upon startup. You would be prompted to enter a correct key at this time.
  1. RDP Protocol: If the image does not proceed past 99% it may be because Kaviza cannot make a connection through the RDP protocol.


Some users have reported that their image spends an unusual amount of time at the 99% stage of starting up. This could be caused by a couple different circumstances. The best way to troubleshoot this is to open up your hypervisor client (XenCenter or vSphere) and view the console tab of the image that is hanging. Chances are good that the image has started up and you will be presented with either a press ctrl alt del prompt, or a login prompt. Proceed to log in.