Kvz500002 - Kaviza VDI-in-a-box Version 4.1

Kaviza VDI-in-a-box Version 4.1

Document ID: KVZ500001 / Created on: Apr 11, 2011/ Updated on: Feb 11, 2011

New Features in This Release

Kaviza VDI-in-a-box 4.1 makes it even simpler and faster for IT to provide a personalized end-user experience. End-user customizations such as their backgrounds, bookmarks, application settings, can be saved in profiles that are dynamically loaded for optimal performance. VDI-in-a-box 4.1 bundles Citrix User Profile Manager at no additional charge. Additionally, VDI-in-a-box Version 4.1 now offers HDX Remote Access to enable seamless single sign-on across firewalls to Kaviza desktops using the Citrix Access Gateway. For instance, iPad users can login to their Windows desktops from outside the company without having to first login to the VPN. The following are key new features of release 4.1

  • Citrix User Profile Management (UPM) bundled at no charge
  • HDX Remote Access with integration to Citrix Access Gateway 4.6 and 5.0
  • Contains the latest HDX module from Citrix
  • Ability to pre-specify MAC addresses of dynamically generated virtual desktops
  • Support for XenServer 5.6.1
  • Enhanced support for static desktops
  • Support for secure LDAP(LDAPs)
  • Expanded control of desktops from the administration console
  • Additional advanced administration functions
  • Option to specify a default width and height settings for the virtual desktops
  • Option to disable the ability for users to restart desktops
  • Additional template management features
  • Option to provide a prefix for the generated desktops
  • Option to provide the color-depth settings for the generated desktops
  • Additional image management features
  • Option to control the reinstallation of the driver settings on provisioned desktops
  • Option to specify the method used in Windows 7 for MAK and KMS activations
  • Additional Kaviza Java Client parameters
  • Option to pass the username and password as a parameter
  • Option to hide the display of the preference settings

Additional Enhancements in This Release

Here are some additional enhancements in this release.

  • Periodic cleanup of the log files in the KMGR file system
  • Synchronize kMGR system clocks across all the servers in the grid .
  • Allow immediate propagation of license file to all the kMGR servers in the grid.
  • Provide distinct MAK and KMS activation controls during the sysprep stage of the image process.
  • Allow users with special pre-Windows 2000 logon names to access the desktops.
  • Draft image can be connected using HDX after dtagent installation.

Limitations and Known Issues

The following are limitations and known issues in this release. For most of these, workarounds do exist.

  • The administrator needs to refresh the browser after upgrading the grid.
  • Citrix Access Gateway always shows the connection bar.
  • Citrix Access Gateway 5.0 does not work with IE browser. User can use the Kaviza Java client or the native receiver to access these desktops. Note: This limitation does not exist with Citrix Access gateway 4.6.
  • Support for CAG version 5.0 is not available on Android devices. However, android devices (tested with firmware 2.1 and 2.2) work well with CAG 4.6. You can use the native receiver PNAgent to launch the desktop connection.
  • Windows 7 explorer (file explorer) scrolling issues. When users access a folder with many files such as the C:\Windows folder, in explorer list view mode, the cursor does not stick at the new cursor position. It jumps and puts them back to the beginning position of the folder list rendering the list view unusable.
  • Users accessing their desktops using their UPN account (logging in as moc.niamod|resu#moc.niamod|resu) may experience issues reconnecting to their existing session. See articles related to this issue. We are following up with Citrix and hope to get it resolved soon.