How To Guides: Managing Images, Templates and Desktops

How To Guide with Videos on publishing golden master images and provisioning desktops

With Kaviza, you can cut desktop administration costs by over 80% with centralized image management and Kaviza's automated dynamic desktop provisioning. Simply create golden images in Kaviza for your different desktop pools, and specify policies via templates. Kaviza will automatically provision, load balance and update the virtual desktops based on the policies you set. Kaviza provides built-in high availability across the grid.


Basics Golden images, Templates and Virtual Desktops in Kaviza

Video: Basics of Desktops and Images in Kaviza

This video provides a quick overview of how desktop images, templates and virtual desktops operate in Kaviza

Setting up your first golden image

Step by Step Guide with Video Tutorials

Kaviza has a step-by-step guided image management wizard that walks you through the steps in publishing and managing images and desktops. The video tutorials below are a step-by-step demonstration of this process.

The first step to provisioning virtual desktops in Kaviza is to publish a golden image from which you can create desktop pools via templates. This step-by-step guide shows you how to import an image as a virtual machine into Kaviza, how to prepare it, and publish it. There are four videos in this series.

For detailed information, please follow the Kaviza Administration Guide.

Video of Step0: Importing a Desktop Image as a Virtual Machine into Kaviza

This video demonstrates how to import a desktop image into Kaviza.

Video of Step1: Install the Kaviza Desktop Agent on the Imported VM

This video demonstrates how to install the Kaviza Desktop agent, which is the first step in the process of publishing a golden image.

Video of Step2: Editing or Patching a Golden Image

This video demonstrates how to edit or patch a golden image in Kaviza using the automated desktop wizard.

Video of Steps 3-5: Preparing, Testing, and Publishing Golden Images in Kaviza

This video demonstrates how to prepare a draft image using the Microsoft Sysprep process, test a disposable copy, and publish as a golden image in Kaviza.

Setting Policies via Templates

Demonstration of how to setup a template and how Kaviza automatically provisions virtual desktops

Video: Creating templates and demo of Kaviza's automated desktop provisioning

This video provides a quick overview of how to use templates to control Kaviza's dynamic desktop provisioning.

Tip! Did you know?

Kaviza seamlessly leverages your Directory Server:

* Setup by simply providing Kaviza your directory server credentials
* Select users and groups you want to associate with desktops
* Assign templates to these users and/or groups
* Kaviza does not replicate any directory information so you always leverage the most up-to-date user changes.

Tip! The Kaviza Grid Explained

You manage the Kaviza grid as one entity even though it has no single control point. This design eliminates bottlenecks of conventional VDI while centralizing management: