How to Guides: IT Infrastructure

These pages provide information about the IT infrastructure required to set up the Kaviza solution.

Supported DHCP server

Kaviza is certified with the Windows DHCP server. Though many open source Linux DHCP servers will work, we strongly recommend using a Windows DHCP server. DHCP servers that come bundled in SOHO routers generally do not work.

If you try a non-Windows DHCP server and find that it does not work, please start with a new Kaviza appliance when trying another DHCP server. This ensures that state information from a prior DHCP server integration is not still stored in the appliance.

Running a DHCP server on XenServer

When running a DHCP server as a virtual machine on the XenSever hypervisor, XenServer tools has been known to prevent proper operation. If you experience this, turn off XenServer tools.

RDP Gateway

Kaviza provides a gateway for the RDP protocol. An HDX gateway will be available in Q1 2011.

Tip! Did you know?

Kaviza VDI-in-a-box 4.0 has these cool new features:

  • Guided wizards for even easier setup
  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Monitoring from 3rd party systems
  • Support for Android-based devices

Tip! The Kaviza Grid Explained

You manage the Kaviza grid as one entity even though it has no single control point. This design eliminates bottlenecks of conventional VDI while centralizing management: