Troubleshooting Information

This is the central location to troubleshoot technical issues for all Kaviza products.

The Quick troubleshooting guides are organized by categories and will provide tips on how to narrow down issues within each category. We recommend using these guides first to troubleshoot your setup.

The troubleshooting tech notes will provide resolution on specific topics assuming your overall setup is working properly.

Quick Troubleshooting Guides

KVZ100011 I am Getting RDP Instead of HDX

KVZ100012 I am Getting Logged out Immediately

KVZ100013 It is taking a long time to log into the Desktop

KVZ100014 It is taking a long time to complete the Hypervisor Setup

KVZ100015 Having Trouble Adding a Server to an Existing Grid

KVZ100016 Orphan VMs Left on the ESX Host

KVZ100017 Getting a 'kMGR Cannot Verify its own Address'

KVZ100018 Office 2010 not staying activated after sysprep in VDI

KVZ100019 Getting a Sysprep error after preparing an image

KVZ100020 Getting a Sysprep 0x8007139f error after preparing an image

KVZ100021 Getting a 'Security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship

KVZ100022 Importing a VM sends the draft image into a BROKEN state

KVZ100023 Copying a VM sends the the draft image into a BROKEN state

KVZ100024 A missing file specified message displayed when saving the image

KVZ100025 Failed to create VM 'test-templatex12e16742205' on server Copy failed with error code 255

KVZ100026 Draft image is stuck in 'Waiting for protocol' for a long time

KVZ100027 Cannot join domain during provisioning

KVZ100028 Cannot connect to AD or user database or domain controller

KVZ100029 Vm could not be imported. End of file reached prematurely

KVZ100030 Kaviza client shows only username field

KVZ100031 My Window's VM is not showing in up in both the importable and non-importable list

KVZ100032 My image stops loading at 99 Percent

KVZ100033 Desktops are being provisioned with duplicate names

KVZ100034 Getting a 'Could not find user' error

KVZ100035 Unable to access USB device from within the virtual desktop

Tip! Did you know?

Kaviza VDI-in-a-box 4.1 has these cool new features:

  • HDX Remote Access with CAG 4.6 and 5.0
  • Citrix Universal Profile Management (UPM) bundled at no charge
  • Mac Address support for desktops
  • Enhanced static desktop functionality
Tip! The Kaviza Grid Explained

You manage the Kaviza grid as one entity even though it has no single control point. This design eliminates bottlenecks of conventional VDI while centralizing management: